Privacy Policy


1. To comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”), FELCRA BERHAD (432483U) (FELCRA) wishes to inform that any collection and use of your personal data such as Name, Identity Card Number, Telephone Number, Home Address, as well as, Email Address and other details contained within contracts, agreements including any additional information you may provide in the latter that will be used and is being processed by or on behalf of FELCRA for the purpose of/seal of agreement to conduct business and if disclosure of such personal data to third parties are necessary will be for the following reasons:-

1.1 To inform you of products and/or services to be provided and any other purposes relating to the provision and/or use of such products and/or services;
1.2 To maintain and upkeep internal records;
1.3 To verify your identity;
1.4 To contact you;
1.5 To respond to your inquiry, if any;
1.6 To enable you to establish a contract with us;
1.7 To conduct research and analysis;
1.8 To carry out internal activities;
1.9 To improve the quality of our services;
1.10 To conduct audits, investigations or any other inquiries;
1.11 To conduct marketing and promotional efforts;
1.12 To carry out any legal proceedings or in connection with any legal action;
1.13 To prevent any act that violates the law;
1.14 To carry out any action provided for by the law or required by the authorities; and
1.15 To achieve any other purpose which, in our consideration, is necessary and/or reasonable in such circumstances.

2. FELCRA may collect information through other sources to process and evaluate contracts, agreements with you. Once the agreement is signed and sealed, the information will be used for administrative matters and other matters related to you. FELCRA may provide and/or transfer such data to

(i) any other departments within FELCRA or if necessary, with a Government agency; Federal Government, State Government

(ii) law enforcement agencies

(iii) regulatory authorities

(iv) any third party service providers providing administrative, data processing, computer and/or services to any company, organization for any other business or service related to commercial transactions to FELCRA.

3. FELCRA will also collect and use your personal data to provide information on businesses, activities such as events, seminars, workshops, conferences and training programs organized by FELCRA, its subsidiaries, affiliates, related corporations and/or cooperatives that may be related to you.

3.1 FELCRA respects your privacy and will ensure that your personal data held by us will be kept confidential and secure in accordance with PDPA standards.

3.2 To facilitate data processing, you are encouraged to ensure that the information provided to us is always up to date. You are responsible for ensuring that personal data is accurate and correct. You also have the option to withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to amend your stored personal data or withdraw your consent, please contact FELCRA. FELCRA reserves the right to consider applications to amend the said personal data if such amendments are necessary. If FELCRA does not agree that such amendment is necessary, FELCRA will make a remark on your personal data stating that you do not agree with the existing personal data information. FELCRA reserves the right to charge a fee for processing your application to amend the said personal data that is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and FELCRA may also reject your application for amendment by stating the reason for the rejection.

3.3 By sealing a contract or entering into a mutual agreement with us and by continuing to provide data to us, you hereby agree to FELCRA using your personal data which will be used for the purposes of the above-mentioned administration, business and services which will abide/remain in force until the contract, agreement with FELCRA is terminated.