The Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (FELCRA) was initially established as a statutory body in 1966. FELCRA is responsible for developing rural areas by opening up opportunities for rural communities to participate in economic activities to generate income.

In 1997, FELCRA Berhad was incorporated and ceased to be a statutory body, evolving into a  Corporate Organisation wholly-owned by the Minister of Finance Inc.

Currently, FELCRA Berhad proactively explores several areas of business such as plantation, fertilization, real estate and construction, education and food production, including dairy livestock.

FELCRA Berhad endeavours to emerge as a Social Enterprise Powerhouse in the agriculture and food sector, and achieve its mission to safeguard the economic and social interests of its Participants, whilst applying agri-technology in spearheading the National Food Security Policy (NFSP) agenda.

As of September 2022, FELCRA Berhad has developed 203,953.4 hectares of farms on behalf of 107,130 Participants, encompassing 1,366 Consolidation and Rehabilitation Projects, as well as 31,613.3 hectares of estates owned by FELCRA Berhad.


hectares of land developed


FELCRA projects running efficiently


Consolidation and Rehabilitation
Project Participants


hectares of commercial estate
owned by FELCRA Berhad


To become a Social Enterprise Powerhouse in the agriculture and food sector.


  • Protecting the interests of Participants encompassing economic and social aspects.
  • Driving agricultural technology.
  • Championing the National Food Security agenda.


  • Enhance the quality of life of focus groups such as the Participants’ community, as well as FELCRA Berhad’s Human Capital.
  • Improve productivity levels through latest technologies in efficient management.
  • Enhance the Company's value-added economy.
  • Offer high return value on developed plantations.


  • Provide basic facilities to all development centers efficiently, accurately and equitably within the implementation of planned development programs.
  • Always abide by the needs of the Organisation, Ministry and Nation in improving quality and productivity towards Malaysia’s Development.
  • Our commitment is to provide excellent, efficient, and effective services to achieve maximum return on investment that is made for the wellbeing of the focus group, in line with FELCRA’s vision.
  • We strive to shape the FELCRA community to be dynamic, independent, competitive, grateful and visionary, as well as to develop our Human Capital fairly and equitably without prejudice.
  • All financial transactions will be carried out rightfully, accurately and promptly with the issuance of payment within 3 days after confirmation is received by the payment unit and ready to resolve any claims submitted by the customer.

Key Milestone Achieved

  • 1966

    FELCRA was established

    • National Land Rehabilitation & Consolidation Authority (Incorporation) Act 1966 was announced
  • 1970

    Youth Land Projects

    • 982 ha
    • 1,168 participants
  • 1976

    Indigenous Projects (ROA)

    • 6,247 ha
    • 2,449 participants
  • 1978

    In-Situ Development Projects

    • Participation 3 villages in:
      – Kelantan
      – Terengganu
      – Kedah
  • 1981

    Seberang Perak Integrated Development Projects

    • Paddy: 4,130 ha
    • Settlement: 742 hectare
    • 1,274 participants
  • 1982

    Safety & Development Project (KESBAN)

    • Malaysia-Thailand (Kelantan)
    • 9,268 acres
  • 1986

    Village Rearrangement Programs (PPSK)

    • 2,444 PPSK (16 locations)
    • House price range from RM8,000 to RM115,000
    • 12,220 participants
  • 1997 - Now

    FELCRA Corporatization

    • >1,100 projects
    • Total land bank: ~253,231 ha
    • >110,000 participants
    • Diversified into agribusiness, property development and education